Past Projects

Interactive Systems Map

The Systems Map was produced to determine if there are duplications in the system, opportunities for agencies to collaborate and where there are concentrations of newcomers, youth, and income across regions and more. Training in the use of this map was also provided to EO and non-EO agencies.


Occupational Profiles

Peel Halton LEPC continues to provide local, relevant and timely information, and have provided summaries of growing careers in the communities of Peel and Halton. Click the occupations below to learn more:


Labour Market Plans

The Local Labour Market Planning (LLMP) is a community-driven strategic 1-2 year action plan of coordinated local, targeted activities to help address local labour trends, opportunities and priorities. This publication is the culmination of labour market information and input from a broad spectrum of community stakeholders gathered through our most recent LLMP consultation process.


PHWDG Reports



Newcomer Guide

Newcomer’s Guide to Services in Peel and Halton


Green Report

In 2012, PHWDG undertook research into nine sectors and created profiles of green jobs offered in them. Separate reports were prepared for each sector, describing the jobs, their educational requirements, places of employment, etc. Together, the nine reports contained over 100 job profiles.